For a number of manufacturing industries, West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife, Inc. (WCPE) leads the way with our full line of OEM industrial knives and replacement parts. Our quality and selection knows no equal, and our range of industrial cutting knives are used in industries like textiles, plastics manufacturing, medical equipment, packaging, and recycling. The knives are unique to specific machines, and we carry replacements for some of the biggest names in manufacturing, including:

  • Cumberland
  • Nelmor
  • Ball & Jewell
  • Formost
  • EconoGrind
  • Retech

Industrial knives come in a variety of shapes, sies, and materials. If your manufacturing process requires knives made from D2 tool steel, high speed steel, or tungsten carbide-edged steels, WCPE has the selection and the expertise to help your company make smart decisions. Our industrial blades selection is nearly endless, with many styles to choose from. WCPE carries a wide variety of industrial cutting edges:

  • Press brake knives
  • Paper trimmers
  • Sheeter blades
  • Slitters
  • Planer/joiner knives
  • Shear blades
  • Blades for woodcutting and for non-ferrous metals processing

Industrial plastic pelletiers and plastics granulators are built to last for years of use, and while the cutting blades in them can be sharpened to restore lost cutting efficiency, after time they will need to be replaced. WCPE has the technical expertise to help you select suitable replacements when the time comes to perform this maintenance task. We’ve been in business for many years, serving the woodworking, plastics, and rubber manufacturing industries. In addition to the industrial knife selection we offer, WCPE carries a range of other replacement parts for the machinery we sell. Our range of granulator and pelletier screens can help companies replace these wear items as needed, bringing back productivity to the manufacturing line. Our quick response means that your equipment can be back up and running in no time with the huge selection of OEM parts WCPE has in stock.

In order to keep your equipment running at top efficiency, WCPE also offers expert industrial knife sharpening services. Our specialied knife grinding machine applies a mirror-finish to the blade edges, leaving them sharp and free of burrs that can slow down production. We believe in the utmost care and quality with our sharpening services, employing precision knife grinding jigs and fixtures to ensure that the blade edges and bevels are sharpened perfectly every time. For process machines that have multiple knives, our match-grinding service keeps the rotors balanced for smooth operation. WCPE’s sharpening technicians have the training and the experience to understand the different requirements for sharpening tool steel blades or advanced tungsten carbide edged industrial knife blades. Our expertise in this knife grinding service is known throughout the materials processing industries, and we’re committed to quality in everything we do.