West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife, Inc. (WCPE) is the leading company specializing in innovative products and manufacturing solutions for the plastics and rubber industries. Our company carries a huge lineup of machinery and equipment for plastics molding and extrusion, materials handling, pelletizers, downstream equipment, and storage silos. From smaller operations to full-scale commercial reclamation or plastics manufacturing companies, WCPE has the expertise and the selection to help your company find the ideal solution for your specific needs. We carry products from some of the most respected names in the manufacturing industry and offer customized options and regular promotions to help earn your business.

Some of the many products we carry include:

AEC Materials Handling – AEC is the maker of a number of cutting-edge machinery for the plastics manufacturing and recycling industries. Central conveying and drying systems are part of the company’s lineup, helping plastics processes move efficiently for maximum output and reduced downtime. Perfect temperature control is possible with the company’s innovative line of cooling solutions, including cooling towers, AEC chillers, and pump tanks, and these machines are suitable for industries like plastics manufacturing, packaging, and printing operations.

AMUT Group – this Italian equipment manufacturer has been in business since 1958, and their equipment is considered some of the “gold standard” in plastics manufacturing circles. The company manufactures an impressive lineup of equipment, including extruders, sheet and film lines for packaging operations, thermoforming technologies, waste sorting and PET bottle wash lines that meet FDA regulations for cleanliness. WCPE carries an extensive lineup of products from AMUT as well as OEM replacement parts.

ACS Group/Cumberland – One of the most respected names in the materials handling, pelletizing, and grinding industries, Cumberland equipment is built tough for serious applications. WCPE carries the full lineup of Cumberland granulators and shredders as well as OEM replacement parts. Cumberland equipment can be found in plastics manufacturing operations, waste sorting, and recycling industries. Our sales experts can help you select the right Cumberland units for your unique manufacturing needs.

Republic Machine – Republic is known for its industrial shredding equipment, and WCPE is proud to carry a complete lineup of this company’s products. Republic shredders are used in a wide variety of manufacturing scenarios, including the plastics recycling industry, wood grinding, medical waste reclamation, and carpet recycling. Their machines are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by over 100 years of innovation in the company’s industrial manufacturing business. These shredders are built tough to handle high-demand manufacturing and recycling services.

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation – an industry leader in conveyor equipment for industrial manufacturing applications, the idea behind Dynamic got its start in the 1970s before becoming a company in 1991. Dynamic conveyors are used in a wide range of industrial applications, particularly in materials handling, food processing, and recycling operations. The company is best known for its innovation in modular construction and specially-designed conveyors that are easy to keep clean to protect delicate food or pharmaceutical preparations.

West Coast Plastics can provide products from these companies and many others, helping clients find the ideal solutions for their unique manufacturing processes. Whether a company is extruding piping or engaged in plastic grinding operations for reclamation, WCPE has the equipment selection, customer service excellence, and industry knowledge to be a vital asset to your manufacturing firm. Call us today or contact us on the Web to learn more about our products, our services, and our OEM replacement parts. We stand ready to assist you with selecting the perfect industrial equipment for your manufacturing or recycling operation.