West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife, Inc. (WCPE) offers our customers unrivaled service and selection. We’re a trusted name in the plastics and rubber processing industries, supplying the equipment, replacement parts, and service you need to keep your manufacturing operation running smoothly. We specialize in materials handling and processing equipment for industries like plastics molding and extrusion, packaging, recycling operations, and printing.

For materials handling operations, specialized equipment may be needed to separate finished product from waste materials and debris. WCPE carries an extensive line of magnets, material handling conveyors, and eddy current separators to help facilitate this step of the manufacturing process. We proudly offer a full range of Dings Magnetic Group products to our clients in the plastics manufacturing and recycling industries.

Dings has been in business since 1899, and is the industry leader when it comes innovative materials handling solutions. Their overhead permanent magnets, head pulleys, and eddy current separators can be found in many industries, including:

  • Automotive Manufacturing/Recycling
  • Aluminum Can Recycling Operations
  • Power Plants
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Metal Foundries and Steel Mills
  • Materials Recycling Operations

Dings magnetic products operate smoothly and efficiently, allowing companies to spend more time on other projects without costly downtimes and maintenance issues. Materials separation and handling are a breeze when Dings magnets are added to the streams.

Dings Eddy Current Separators – used extensively in the recycling industry, these units are designed to efficiently separate heavier materials like aluminum or other non-ferrous metals from recyclable streams consisting of plastics and paper. They can be found in waste-to-energy plants, curbside municipal recycling facilities, and automotive recycling operations. In these eddy current separators, incredibly powerful rare earth magnets to generate eddy currents, which are powerful magnetic fields that repel aluminum and non-ferrous metals, separating them from other materials.

Dings Overhead Permanent Magnets – these separator devices are hung over materials handling conveyor systems or head pulleys to separate out ferrous metals from other items. These units do not require an external power source. Dings manufactures several types of overhead magnets, including stationary models and self-cleaning models that continuously remove the metals collected by means of a rotating belt.

Dings Magnetic Head Pulleys – these pulleys are designed to replace traditional pulleys in sorting or materials handling applications. They are permanent magnetic separators that operate as the head pulleys on conveyor systems. Just install a belt around the pulleys and watch them go to work separating ferrous metals and tramp iron from your materials streams. They are perfect for purifying bulk materials, with automatic and continuous separation to minimize maintenance.

West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife Expertise

For nearly 30 years, WCPE has been helping clients throughout California and beyond with equipment for industrial applications. Our expertise in the materials handling, recycling, and plastics manufacturing fields is unrivaled. Our skilled team of sales experts and equipment technicians have decades of experience in all aspects of the brands we carry. Let our knowledge help your company find the equipment solution that is perfect for your manufacturing needs. Call WCPE today or contact us on the Web to get more information on the products, repair parts, and services we offer to our many clients.