West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife is a leader in industrial knife sharpening services. The company is well-known for their expertise in knife grinding and specialty tools for the materials processing industries.

Industrial cutting machines like granulators, pelletizers, and shearing tools see hard use in their daily operation. Over time, the blades used in these systems can dull, reducing productivity and adding strain to the machines. West Coast Plastics Equipment breathes new life into these machines, restoring the knives to efficient condition. The company offers fast turnaround for most knife grinds, and is proud to offer:

  • Free pickup and delivery to most California cities

  • Cleaning and inspection of all knives

  • Burr-free cutting edges

  • Match ground sets

  • Volume discounts

West Coast Plastics uses specialized tools, in particular a knife grinding machine, to ensure a perfect edge on any industrial knife set. The edges are burr-free and cut materials cleanly, while the mirror finish on the knife grinds keeps them cutting like new. These knives can be used in a number of industries, including the paper processing, extrusion, and materials handling fields. Years of experience in the specialty knife blade grinding business is a sign of quality at every step of the way.

Exacting OEM tolerances are part of the grinding process. West Coast Plastics employs precision knife grinding jigs to make sure the bevels are flat and the edges are sharpened to their optimum. Many types of knife grinds are possible with these state-of-the art jigs and sharpening fixtures and are suitable for many industrial applications. Blades that need extra attention are checked and straightened as part of the knife grinding process. Machines that use flat grind knife blades sometimes require steps to keep bevels straight and precise. The company’s highly-skilled technicians are familiar with the unique properties of the metals used to manufacture industrial cutting knives. These metals include carbon and high-speed steel, sometimes with edges made of harder materials like tungsten carbide for a longer-lasting blade edge. Every blade is different, and the expertise of West Coast Plastics is recognized throughout many materials-processing industries.

West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife can handle many types of knife grinds, including:

  • Carbide knives

  • Granulator knives

  • Paper shearing blades

  • Sheeter and slitter knives

West Coast takes the time to ensure every knife grinding job is done to the utmost standard. The edges are ground, deburred, and polished to a mirror finish. This adds life to industrial blades, reducing replacement costs and keeping the cutting operation running smoothly and efficiently. Regular knife grinding is a great way for industrial users to save money on expensive machine downtimes. The finished edges of these knives are ready for precision cutting, reducing the effort of the cutting machines and guaranteeing a clean, sharp cut on any material.

Call or contact West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife today for information on volume discounts and pick up/delivery services throughout the state of California. We are the leader in precision knife grinding, and our commitment to quality is unparalleled in this field.


We sharpen shear blades, carbide, paper knives, granulator knives or specialty grinding we offer a competitive solution to your industrial knife sharpening needs. With quality, most exacting OEM standards, competitive pricing and quick turn-around times we are the industrial knife supplier of choice.

An overview of sharpening services we offer:

  • Free pick up & delivery most California cities Call for details
  • Quick turn a round.
  • Match ground sets
  • Clean & Inspection of all knives
  • Mirror Finishes on bevels
  • Burr free Cutting Edge
  • Volume discounts. Call for details  


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