West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife, Inc. (WCPE) is a recognied leader in serving the plastics and rubber manufacturing industries. At WCPE, our team can help your manufacturing operation find cost-effective solutions to maximie productivity and quality. From our extensive OEM replacement parts to plastic granulators, extrusion machines, shredders, and blowers, our company has the selection, the quality, and the service you demand for your manufacturing processes.

Our company specialies in industrial cutting equipment. As some of our many service offerings, we provide manufacturing companies with some of the most advanced industrial knife blade treatment options available. This includes blade coatings and cryogenic treatments.

What Are Blade Coatings?

For industrial cutting and reclamation operations, the cutting blades see a lot of use on a daily basis. Blade coatings are designed for specific applications and serve to reduce wear of the blades. This extends the expensive blades’ lifespan and helps prevent materials from sticking to them, helping keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly.

West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife specialies in tungsten carbide coatings for industrial knife blades. This specialied coating is many times harder than the knife steel itself, adding tremendous durability to fine blade edges and reducing friction while granulating, slicing, or shredding materials. The coating is comprised of equal parts tungsten and carbon, and has been used in a variety of manufacturing industries since the early part of the 20th Century. Adding such a coating to industrial cutting blades extends the blade life dramatically, keeping important machines running for longer between sharpening efforts. Longer blade lives mean that expensive blade replacements are not needed as often, saving your company money in the long run.

What Is Cryogenic Treatment?

Cryogenic treatment is a process in which industrial cutting blades and other metal equipment is subjected to intense freeing conditions. Micro-processor controlled cryogenic units bring the blades down to temperatures as low as -300F. This process realigns the crystalline structure within the metal blades, making them much more wear-resistant than untreated cutting blades. Parts undergoing the process are cooled at a carefully programmed rate and held at the desired temperature to relieve stresses within the metal.

Cryogenic treatment does not just improve wear of the blade edge; rather, it treats the entire structure of the part. Routine sharpening or regrinding does not affect these permanent improvements. The process also has the benefit of reducing a part’s brittleness, allowing it to last through many processing cycles and operate at peak efficiency.

Cryogenic treatment adds incredible durability to parts subjected to the freeing process. Hardening industrial cutting blades for granulators and pelletiers can ensure the blades last as long as possible between sharpening or replacement servicing. Sharp, durable blades means greater production for your operation, cutting costs and helping to reduce the downtimes your machines face.

West Coast Plastics Equipment Coatings and Cryogenic Treatments

At WCPE, we’ve been experts in the field of industrial cutting machines for nearly 30 years. Let our extensive knowledge and technical expertise help your company select the right industrial blade treatments for your manufacturing needs. Simply contact us for more information on the products, blade treatments, and services we offer.